RENO support system // RENO-System


  • allows an installation of Quasar T25 without changing
    the guide rails
  • suitable for new or existing frames
  • different adaptions possibilities due to variable support widths
  • compatible with governor Quasar T25
  • compatible with the entire range of Dyn. Safety
    gears PR, PQ and ASG and their associated
    linkages T1,T2,T3,T25 and T25UD
  • RENO support system is formed of 2 braces
    that support all Dynatech progressive safety
    gear and their linkages
  • allows additionally the possibility to install the
    most common slide or roller guide shoes
bremsfang reno asgRENO & ASG UD & T-25 UD



bremsfang reno quasarRENO & Quasar T25
governor ø120mm +
safety gear
RENObremsfang reno